Trends in coworking

is based on three big pillars, that are:
1. The Community
The community is the heart of every coworking space. People are more important than the concrete or stones they are surrounded with.

2. Inspiration & New Ideas
Different people, working on their businesses bringing in knowledge, ideas and inspiration from different angles. All in a new, vibrant environment.

3. Productivity
Working from home or a coffee shop offers a lot of distractions, working in a coworking space increases the productivity by offering a great place for work.

is a relatively new way of working that perfectly suits in a Network Society. There are thee big trends that define the field of coworking nowadays.
+ Twice as much coworking spaces
The amount of coworking spaces worldwide is growing very fast. Every year there are twice as much spaces as the year before.
+ Smaller companies, more freelancers
The workforce is changing rapidly. Average company sizes are shrinking and the amount of solopreneurs is rising. We need each other more than ever, to work together.
+ From closed doors to open innovations
A culture of fear for stolen ideas is evolving in open innovation. There are more ideas outside of the company than inside. Doors are opened, people start talking again.

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