Terms of Use

Legal information


These ”Terms” are presenting the terms which are applicable for users and visitors to make use of “mr.Watson”.

Mr.Watson is an online, private social business network (referred to as: “Network” or “Community”) that brings “Companies” and “Employees” (referred to as: “Users”) together. This network offers Users the possibility to create their own Network, invest in this Network and to augment this Network. The interaction between Users and with the Network, business goals could be achieved. On the Network, Users are able to create their own online profiles.

mr.Watson is a part of MRWATSON PLC (referred to as “we”/”us”/”our”), registered under the Chambre of Commerce (Rotterdam, the Netherlands) number 53900804 and with offices at the Heer Bokelweg 155, 3032 AD Rotterdam, Twitter account: @mrwatson, e-mail address: watson@mrwatsons.com.


1.1 These terms are applicable on the visit and use of mr.Watson, and the “Use of Terms” that may result of the use of this Network between you and us.
1.2 You accept these Terms by making use of mr.Watson.
1.3 We update these Terms on a regular basis. We aim to inform you on time about possible changes.


2.1 To become a User of mr.Watson, you must create a mr.Watson Community or Account.
2.2 To create a mr.Watson Community or Account, we ask you some personal details, like name and e-mail address, which are necessary. If you have any adjustments, we ask you to update your profile as soon as possible.
2.3 To protect your information, you should secure your mr.Watson Account with a sage password. Also make use of a secure computer/phone/ connection. Be careful with your password (!). If you are managing a Company profile, it is not allowed to share your Account with others from outside your Company, unless it is an Company that helps you with your online presence. If you have any suspects about that your profile is used unauthorized by someone else? Please send us an e-mail to Watson@mrwatson.com to inform us, so we can make measures.
2.4 As User, you only may have one mr.Watson account. The purpose of your account must only be managing and contacting of Connection and Contacts with other Users and the mutually exchange of information. Its not allowed to use mr.Watson for other purposes.

2.5 We as mr.Watson can always delete users or content in cases of sexual explicit content, violence and graphic content or hate speech. This includes content that directly attacks people based on their: race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, or gender identity, serious disabilities or diseases.


3.1 You may use mr.Watson if you are at least 18 years old and legally competent.


4.1 The use of mr.Watson is not for free. The user that creates a Community is responsible for the corresponding Community and must pay the agreed price.
4.2 Users could create a “Company profile”. As Employee, you could make a connection with our Company and become colleagues with others who work at your Company. If the company is not active in your Community, you could create a Company profile. The Users in your community, you’ll find in the “People” tab.
4.3 You could, as Users, interact with other Users. This is the essence of your Community. Inside this Community you can send ‘Direct Messages’ or ‘Meetup invites’. Also you can place messages on the Community’s Dashboard to update your Community – these messages are referred as “Post-its”.
4.4 You can integrate other social media into mr.Watson.
4.5 As User, you can initiate and create an event in your Community. Your Community members are directly invited for your event.
4.6 As user, you can make use of the Bookables. This application is always availbale via the ‘Apps’ and makes it possible to boke shared facilities, such as meeting rooms.


5.1 All (intellectual) property on mr.Watson, which include the underlying softwaren, rest at all moments with us or our licences. You keep the control over all you intellectual properties and content that you placed yourself.
5.2 You are giving us a non-exclusive, transmitting, royalty free, world wide license to use all the content you place on mr.Watson.
5.3 When you delete or remove any content, this will be deleted and removed from mr.Watson. In case you are deleting your Account, the information will be stored on our servers for at least 30 days. In case you did not reactivated your account, deleting your Account will be made definitive.

6.1 mr.Watson does not gives companies the possibility to advertise on User profiles.

7.1 Applications within mr.Watson are add-ons on the basic functionality of mr.Watson. These apps can be either developed by mr.Watson PLC or external parties.
7.2 The application are made available in the mr.Wason app store which is available in every community.
7.3 Developing parties need to have a mr.Watson account to get access to the mr.Watson API.
7.4 Access to the mr.Watson API is granted with a unique API key connected with the specific application.
7.5 The developing party can always offer the application in their own community, if they want the application to be available in the mr.Watson app store the application will be checked by mr.Watson.
7.6 Applications in the app store are checked on illegal use of explicit content and hate speech, the general usage and fit with the mr.Watson system before it is made available for mr.Watson users.
7.7 If an application is granted access to the mr.Watson system, mr.Watson will get in touch with the external developer to explain why this decision is made.
7.8 The accessibility of applications can vary per community. The community manager is responsible for selecting which of the available applications are accessible for that specific community.
7.9 The developer of the application is responsible for the applications operating and service. Every application has to state who has developed the application and how users can reach the developing party for support or questions.

This online private network platform (“mr.Watson”) is managed by MRWATSON BV, registered in the Chambre of Commerce with number 53900804 and having its office at the Heer Bokelweg 155, 3032 AD ROTTERDAM, Twitter account; @mrwatson and mailadres: watson@mrwatson.com. (hereafter refered as “we”/”us”/”ours”).

We are responsible for processing your personal information to the context of mr.Watson, in the sense of the Act protection personal information. We have reported by the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (the Dutch institution that controls us if we use your personal information in the right way) that we process your information.

The safety of your personal information and privacy is of the greatest concern. This Privacy Statement is ment to inform you, the User of mr.Watson, about our privacy policy and security measurements regarding your personal information and data we collect. We definitely encourage that you read this Privacy Statement (or other legal documents) to be trusted with our privacy policy. If you have any questions about it, just sent us a tweet or a mail. We want to inform you on time when we make changes in this privacy policy, but you’ll receive a mail if this is the case.


  1. Wich data is collected?
    1. Personal information are data that are directly or indirectly reducible to you.
    2. We might have gotten your personal information directly from you, when you f.e. are a User of mr.Watson.
    3. The kinds of information that you might give us directly are: your name, address, city, gender, date of birth, email address, (mobile) phone number, interests, messages and other content you place and/or send via mr.Watson, pictures and other content that you provide us, whether or not on our request, more details for you profile, information requests, comments and data over possible complaints/disputes, whether or not in the setting of the Notice & Take Down Procedure.
    4. The kinds of information that we automatically process are: information with regard to your visit to mr.Watson, your online behavior, information from the which device you use to visit mr.Watson, like IP address, browser, operating system and demographic information.


  1. For which purposes we use your information?
    1. We process your information in a way that you and the others can make fully use of mr.Watson.
    2. We process your information for the following purposes:
      1. Offering services and/or information via mr.Watson;
      2. To implement our term of use with you (facilitating mr.Watson);
      3. internal management;
      4. Placing or exchanging content via mr.Watson with other Users;
      5. Maintaining contact between us and you. You’ll receive mails from us about updates concerning your community(-ies) or about us;
      6. Analyzing, managing, securing and optimalizing of mr.Watson;
      7. Improving our service and marketing efforts;
      8. Composing user statistics and other statistics;
      9. Settling any complaints and disputes, thereunder understanding the Notice & Take Down Procedure; and
      10. Honoring the applicable legislation and regulation.
    3. Don’t worry! Even if you’re outside the EU, you can make use of mr.Watson. Perhaps you noticed, but mr.Watson is an online tool and you only need Internet to access it. However, this might cause that your information and the information other User might be passed on countries outside the EU, when you use mr.Watson. Nevertheless, we only pass on your personal information when its allowed by the appicable legislation and regulation. We attend you that each country has different rules about the legal protection concerning your personal information and it might differ from your own country.


  1. Who might access your information?
    1. Your mr.Watson profile and other content from you are accessible for other Users.
    2. Besides, mr.Watson has access to your information. We might give third parties access to the data to deliver for us (as processor by the Dutch Act of Personal information protection) services in the relevance that personal information might be processed. An example is our hosting. These processors are only able to use your information when we give them the mandate to do it.
    3. Besides this, we will never make your information public to others. Unless we believe it’s neccessary (a) to satisfy to our legal liabilities; or (b) to satisfy this Privacy Statement and the other terms of mr.Watson.


  1. Security

We cannot guarantee that your information is 100% safe, because this is impossible and false promise to you. Nevertheless, you have our promise we strive to secure our systems to the fullest. As soon as we receive your information, our hosting party will handle them with care and the best, possible security. In the case we use third parties to help us with something, then there terms of use will be applicable.


  1. Your Rights

Via your account, you can access or change your personal information.


  1. Contact

If you have any questions about this document or use? Don’t hestitate to contact us via Twitter. That’s the fastest way for us and our webcare team will respond in a proper time span.

A Community admin has access to the features available here. Such tools are available for a monthly license fee regardless the number of users and without the additional fee for any apps of mr.Watson or third parties.

The Community admin is responsible for the payment of any fees for such Community. If there is more than one Community Admin, the initial Community Admin will be the billing party of record (the “Customer”) unless otherwise changed.

The Customer agrees to pay for all products ordered through the mr.Watson website using the payment method indicated, and provides mr.Watson express authorization to charge said fees to the Customer’s payment provider at time of purchase. Fees owed depend on if Customers has any paid apps added with the use of the mr.Watson platform. Payment of fees shall not be contingent on any events other than using the mr.Watson platform, unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties. Any attorney fees, court costs, or other costs incurred in collection of delinquent undisputed amounts shall be the responsibility of and paid for by the Customer. If payment is not current, mr.Watson may immediately cease to provide any and all services to the customer. The fees paid for monthly Community usage are non-refundable, regardless of whether the Claimed Community prior tot the end of the then-current monthly billing period.

Charges will automatically renew using the Customer’s current credit card account number, unless Customer cancels their Community Administration by email to stop@mrwatson.com with the subject “Cancel ” seven (7) days prior to the renewal date to cancel such subscription. All cancellation requests will be processed within seven (7) days. Once the cancellation is process, a confirmation email will be sent via Customer’s email account on record with mr.Watson. if Customer has a question about a cancellation, Customer should mr.Watson at stop@mrwatson.com. The Company reserves the right to change its fees or billing methods at any time. The company will provide timely notice tot the effected Customers of any such changes.

It is the Customer’s responsibility to promptly provide the Company with any contact or billing information changes or updates (including, phone number, email address, credit card numbers, etc.). Account updates should be made online via the “Profile settings” tab within the settings section, once Customer has logged into mr.Watson.com. mr.Watson does not validate all credit card information required by the Customer’s payment provider to secure payment.

The Customer must notify mr.Watson about any billing problems or discrepancies within 60 days after charges first appear on their Account statement. If it is not brought to the attention of mr.Watson within 60 days, Customer agrees waive their right to dispute such problems or discrepancies.