Knowing and sharing as keys to coworking success


Two of our six core principles for building a strong coworking community are to facilitate:
+ Everyone knowing who is who
+ Shared experiences

These values are essential for healthy human relationships of all types involving any number of people. They’re the roots of a thriving sense of community. Bringing them to the workplace is part of our mission. Now, let’s get practical about these principles.

Knowing who is who
Our community building strategy starts with membership and then facilitates members knowing one another in more than just name. Demonstrated benefits of this approach include the growth of meaningful friendships, the development of the trust needed to share innovative ideas and practices, and the resulting success and personal value for coworking community members.

A community building platform facilitates knowing one another through:
+ Personal profiles that allow members to introduce themselves by sharing a picture, contact information, an About page, social media links, their skills and expertise and links to their team members and company;
+ Messenger for connecting with other community members socially and professionally;
+ Search that helps you find people and companies within the workspace community with the skills and abilities you need or that need those you can provide.

Shared experiences
The old song says, “Make new friends, but keep the old; One is silver, the other is gold.” Old friends are like gold because of your meaningful history together. Shared experiences forge friendship, respect, trust and commitment that optimize social and working relationships. A coworking platform makes it easy to schedule time together from one-on-ones to large groups through:
+ A meet-up app for arranging face time for personal or business reasons, or both;
+ An events calendar that will increase participation in next “can’t miss” shared experienced.

Knowing, sharing and succeeding starts here
Knowing one another in mutually beneficial relationships deepened through shared experience produce the personal and professional success we all value.

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