Your very own social network.
Empowering you & your community




We heard you own a space,

and you want a space to be great, so great it has a waiting list. A space that is filled with companies that you enable to do what they do best: business. From corporate teams to business nomads, they are ambassadors for your space. A space that seems to be running on it’s own. Giving you time to keep on innovating and developing, or just enjoy life even more.


If this is you, meet mr.Watson



What mr.Watson can do for you

Help your members be more successful

If your clients are more successful, so are you.

Save time

Turning the community into a source of time instead of a cost

Save money

Saving money to make money.

Add value

Empower the community and organise everything in one place.

Community as an added value

We  community. Because we know it can help you reach your business objectives. A growing group of companies are looking for a space that offers them network and community. Add this value by connect and empowering people and you will fill up your waiting list.

With mr.Watson all your members are connected in an online environment just for your building. Let us help you connect the network and build a relevant community that helps the businesses in your building being more successful.

84% like to consult with other members
67% said coworking improved their professional success
46% innovated because of collaboration with other members
gcuc 2015 research


The importance of community and networking is valued by employees of companies large and small and landlords are responding to this call to action.

CBRE ResearchMarch 2016

82% said the people in the space were important
64% of the respondents said their coworking networking is an important source of business

GCUC 2015Coworking by the numbers

mr.Watson is a time saver

Because running doesn’t really help, and you have a lot to do.

Empower your tenants to help themselves and each other

Peer-to-peer support

Tenants help each other, saving you precious time

Collective learning

A public answered question helps, on average 30 people instead of just 1

Increased trust

People trust advice from peers more than those from organisations

The second you stop being the postman, hours are won.

From being the postman to a situation where tenants can directly communicate with single tenants or the whole group. This will save you a lot of time in event communications and newsletter sending.

Example: Let’s do an event

Before: E-mail from a tenant to you or your community management ‘Is there a room available?’. E-mail back and forth about the availability. E-mail from the tenant ‘Can you help me promote the event among other tenants’. E-mail back and forth about event information and promotion timing. Setting up e-mail or newsletter to all tenants.

You get multiple e-mails, a lot of time invested

mr.Watson: Tenant goes to mr.Watson, books a suiting room, adds a new event on mr.Watson. mr.Watson helps promoting the event and managing attendance. Tenant invites a few extra relevant neighbours in a direct message via mr.Watson.

You sit back and enjoy the dynamics


Direct feedback and insights

With mr.Watson you get a constant insights in the atmosphere, ideas and problems that your tenants have. The coffee machine conversations about the space you normally miss, now extends to online. Enabling you to respond and develop based on the needs of your customers.

Involve the community in development

Actively looking for input for new space development, are you in doubt if a new service or purchase is really needed, ask the community for input! Having an influence on your environment is a big satisfaction and sense of community booster. Just dare to ask!

mr.Watson structures, interacts and unburden us of our holy task of building out a vibrant community.

Sem CarreeCommunity manager @ Kleinhandel

mr.Watson lets me and my community managers know what’s going in my coworking spaces! It’s the perfect, time-saving communication tool between tenants, property managers and building owners.

Willem de KlerkOwner @ Workspot (multiple buildings)



Save money, to spend it somewhere else

You probably have a list of things that you would like to do in and around your space.
Create the financial space you need to keep on developing.


Keeping vs Attracting

Keeping a customer is 6x cheaper compared to attracting and onboarding new ones. Investing in the loyalty and satisfaction of your customers can save you a great amount of money. Using mr.Watson can help you keeping your customers by helping them be more successful, optimising the support and connecting them to the facilities and people around them. 

“A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%
– Emmet C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy (Murphy Institute for leadership)



Marketing done for you

Retaining a customer is step one, but a tenant that is truly connected to it’s surroundings doesn’t just stay, they advocate and promote you product, creating word-of-mouth marketing. 74% identify word of mouth as a key influencer, 88% trust other consumers just as they trust close friends and family. In this light, it is easy to see the value of having tenants promoting your office space as ambassadeurs. Not only saving on your marketing budget but creating value!

“74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision.


Save big on development

Developing an application has to cost factors: (1) initial investment in the first version and (2) the continuous cost of maintaining and developing based on user research and feedback. A conservative average cost of an app is somewhere between €50.000 and €75.000. The industry average on maintaining an app is a yearly around 20% of the initial investment, so at least €800,- a month (!).

Based on these numbers, mr.Watson can save you the initial investment (+/- €60.000) and at least 94% in monthly development and maintenance. 

The costs for retaining a customer are 6x to 7x lower than attracting new ones.


Deloitte DigitalSeptember 2015

Maintaining an app is not an insignificant task. Despite what many think, it is a major investment of time, money and vision. You should expect to involve a team of six to ten people for about six months or more. Moreover, a high-quality, enterprise-class app will involve not tens, but hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sumit MehraCTO @ Y Media Labs in Forbes magazin

The rewards of pursuing excellence in word-of-mouth marketing are huge, and it can deliver a sustainable and significant competitive edge few other marketing approaches can match.

Jacques BughinDirector @ McKinsey Brussels



We would love to get in touch!



Help your tenants
to be more succesful

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a community that helps them to reach their most important goal: to be more successful! Help your tenants being more successful by:

Empowering them to generate new business
By introducing them to the companies and people in your community, and connecting all those networks.

Saving time on facility matters
By communicating more effectively about the facilities and services, you save their and your time.

Collective buying power, collective facilities
Give small companies the power to get enterprise deals by combining their powers via mr.Watson



Let’s talk about the activation



What happens if you say yes?

We know that mr.Watson takes time to save time. Time to activate that is. But don’t worry we are going too help you the whole way. This is what happens when you say yes.

Activation Kit
The Activation Kit is based on the experience we got activating mr.Watson in multiple communities. It contains tools & tips that help you to minimize the time needed to activate and maximize the effect.

Setting the activation time-line (1h call)
We are meeting to discuss the activation timeline and go over the Activation Kit. Explaining a bit more about how we activate the platform and how you can help making it a success.

Gather around some cake (2h)
We have something to celebrate! You just joined the mr.Watson movement. That’s why we send you a cake. Which also creates a great opportunity to invite the keyplayers in the community and introduce mr.Watson and the activation time-line in an informal way.

Invites out & pro-active support (1,5h)
The invites are out, posters are set-up! We are there to pro-actively deliver support too you and your members and manage the activation for you.

Want to know more about the activation kit and the total time-investment needed?