Coworking Story #3 – Facilitating – the main goal of Het Industriegebouw

Every two weeks we publish a blog in our series of Coworking Stories. Working in a coworking space is relatively new and carries new motivations, needs and collaborations along. We want to uncover how special, sustainable and valuable it is to work in a coworking space. We also want to investigate what the struggles are and what needs to be improved. In this edition Tjeerd Hendriks, letter of Het Industriegebouw in Rotterdam, explains how he facilitates in uniting people and professions.

Tjeerd Hendriks (in camel coat on the photo) is the letter (and curator/developer) of Het Industriegebouw in Rotterdam. This is also the building where the headquarters of mr.Watson resides. Together with his business partner Joost Prins, Tjeerd composes the most ideal mixture of tenants, where they consider the added value and relevancy of each tenant to other tenants. The covering goal is to create a valuable community. “With Het Industriegebouw, we hope to cultivate a piece of Rotterdam, as a result of building a strong community that contributes to the city and the neighbourhood,” tells Tjeerd.

Uniting people offline
The impressive building that is situated on the Goudsesingel, contains 23.000 square metres. A huge surface, where the fulfilment is considered precisely. This pays off. “We want to take care of our in house offer of different professions and facilities, so small companies as well as big ones can organise anything they want, within the walls of the building. From communications services to advocacy to photography, we want to offer the full package of services. We only facilitate.”

Not a coincidence
According to Tjeerd, in a coworking space the most important thing is to facilitate in uniting people and professions. Mr.Watson does the exact same job online. “In my opinion, an online platform like mr.Watson only works out if people see each other offline,” says Tjeerd. “Though, seeing each other is often based on a coincidence. On mr.Watson you can search for someone, contact the person you were looking for and then exchange business. Next to this, I think it is an added value that you can fix stuff, like register a meeting room or collectively buy paper or coffee.”

Photography: Titia Hahne Photography 

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