Let mr.Watson

mr.Watson is the one, single sign-on hub for the members of your coworking space.
Smoothly integrating social with all your facility applications.

Building communities

The strength of coworking spaces are the people, the coworking community. The diversity of knowledge, talent, and passion make these groups of likeminded people interesting. A valuable network. Important in building and strengthening these communities is gaining trust and getting to know each other. These are basic principles of building a community.

Basic features

A few of the standard mr.Watson features lined up with screenshots and a description.

Practical information

Knowledge & inspiration

Personal & business updates

Borrow the things you need

Event announcements

Job oppurtunities

Profile picture

Contact information

Social media links


Skills & expertise

Team members & company

Start conversation with your neighbours!

Shoot a direct message to a neighbour about a business opportunity or just to ask about what’s on in the city tonight. Member of the community can easily get in touch with each other and with you. Disclosing the full potential for everyone.


Direct messaging


Let's do some coffee!

Building a community is not done online, but in real life. Want to ask a question, doing some business or just a casual chat? Send a meet-up, so you know that the other has a moment to drink a coffee with you.

Subject tags

What's the occasion?

Visualising offline activity

Create moments together

Building a community is done by sharing moments together. Setting up a TGIF drink, Breakfast meeting or Keynote could help with creating shared moments. The event tool of mr.Watson gives you the opportunity to setup easily an event and invite your neighbours.

Finding the people you need

Search for the people and companies within the community.

Social + Practical = One-stop hub

Your members don’t want to have different applications, logins and tools for different services. That’s why mr.Watson integrates with all your services, combining the practical applications with social and people focused elements. One stop where you, as a member can interact with the community but also book your rooms & desks, add a guest or file a repair request.

Activating the community!

Let us assist you in activating your community and getting everyone on board. Learn more on how we help you activate.

We just started using mr.Watson and the activation of the people within our coworking space went surprisingly smooth and fast! Within the first two weeks, events where set-up, companies teamed up to arrange storage, developers found each other and a spare piece of furniture was traded within the community via mr.Watson!

Brendan Jansen op de HaarFounder of Kleinhandel (co-working space)

Everything your members need in one place

As a member of a coworking space you don’t want to have multiple, separated social, facility and financial applications.
mr.Watson is the one place that truly combines social with all there is to organise in your space.

Already using several, different online services?

Perfect! mr. Watson is a platform where these different services can be integrated in to one, so only one platform for your members to sign-in to. Creating a single sign on hub with all the different tools of other online services. Easier for them to use and easier for you to get them up and running.

Integrate them yourself or let us help you!

We are opening up our API’s so you can integrate your applications yourself or develop completely new ones based on our API (even better challenge the community to do so). You are not very technical? No worries get in touch and we can help you integrate your services. Check our developers page for more information

Do you have special needs?

Lets build an exclusive application! Together with the developers of mr.Watson, you can easily build a application especially designed for the needs of your building. Increasing the services you deliver for your members without having to invest in the development of a complete tool.

From exclusive to a new product

Is your exclusive application relevant for other communities as well? You can add your application to the app store bringing your app to the world. Share the knowledge and tools for free or make some money with your own mr.Watson application.

mr.Watson integrated with your website

Make it easy for your tenants to log in to mr.Watson by connecting it to your website. Simply link to the mr.Watson login, or ask your webmaster to do so. That way members can easily find their way to the mr.Watson platform and new prospects know there is more then just bricks and internet.

The vains of every self respecting community in a coworking space, company or anywhere else!

Joost PrinsCommunity owner @ Het Industriegebouw


Sharing facilities like bikes or meeting rooms need to be well managed. When is it available? What are the costs? An overview of all the bookings. All can be easily managed with the Bookables application of mr.Watson!

The mr.Watson Bookable app comes with the platform
free of charge!

The mr.Watson Fix-it App

Service ticket communication can take up a lot of time for both tenants and community owners or community managers. With the light weight and clear Fix-It App we are able to decrease the time spend on service ticket communication and increase the satisfaction rate of tenants by keeping them up-to-date of the status a lot better in a much more cost effective way!

+ 30% less time spend on service ticket communication.

+ Higher tenant and member satisfaction through clear communication.

+ One light weight, simple to use app for all service tickets.

+ Single sing-on integration in mr.Watson.

Get more insights in the quality of service with Fix-It the rating system.

+ Clear ticket dossier, with a picture of the problem and additional comments from other users.

Additional €25,- a month
Unlimited services tickets
Unlimited users