Building community

The basis of our product, the heart of the company. But how does community building work?

What we have learned so far

Based on own experiences, activating multiple platforms and the scientific research based on the Sense of Community.


Within the Sense of Community theory (Chavis & McMillan, 1986) membership is one of four pillars. We learned that creating boundaries, disclosing the network as a whole and giving people the opportunity to register as a ‘member’ has a positive effect on the sense of community. Having common symbols can add to this feeling as well. But it all start with the opportunity to call yourself a member.

Who is who

Part of being a member is knowing the other members. So who is who, what are their names, what do they do and how can I get in touch and interact is an important part and often the first step in the community building process. That’s why we try to make every part of the platform social and combine practical features with social aspects.


Knowing the people around you is an important part + it also creates an overview on the group as a whole. Creating a greater sense of belonging because the boundaries of the group are clearer as well. Social media are focused on creating individual, separate networks. Within communities one platform disclosing the whole network, introducing new members to the group creates the necessary boundaries.


Research show that members are more attracted to a community in which they feel they have more influence on the group. We strongly believe in the power of bottom-up initiative, have seen the strength in multiple platforms and feel support by the science behind communities. That’s why the platform is focused on facilitating and stimulating initiative from members to members.

Fullfilment of needs

As a member the community has to be of some use, successfully fulfilling the needs of a member. The basic facilities should be arranged in a good fashion and being a part of the community has to add value for the members. We noticed that combining social elements with practical, clearly need fulfilling services liking the Bookables increases the communities activity a lot.

Shared experiences

Meeting in real life, experiencing moments and events together is a very straight forward way to increase the sense of community among members. That’s why we added the possibility to set-up small meet-ups and stimulate every member to set-up and share their own events with the community. Increasing the chance to build up ‘shared memories’

mr.Watson helped me empower our members to set up events themselves, creating a ‘Do It Yourself’ mentality, which makes it way more powerful. Plus it’s really easy for users to discover the facilities that we offer and the people that are in the building.

Tije VosCommunity Manager @ Workspot