Activating mr.Watson

Let us help you activate the community. Learn more on activating a mr.Watson community together.

Let's get the checklist checked

What are we going to do

Set-up the platform
(1 hour)

Invites to company owners
(1 push)

Activating members
(8h in the first month)

We just started using mr.Watson and the activation of the people within our coworking space went surprisingly smooth and fast! Within the first two weeks, events where set-up, companies teamed up to arrange storage, developers found each other and a spare piece of furniture was traded within the community via mr.Watson!

Brendan Jansen op de HaarConcept Owner @ Kleinhandel

Setting up the platform

  1. Customise your community (10 min)
    Give it a name, add an informative description, add a featured image. Your shared identity adds value to the community.

  2. Add important documents (10 min)
    Upload relevant documents that are relevant for all members. Documents like house-rules and evacuation instructions.

  3. Fill up the event calendar (15 min)
    Add the upcoming events creating a full event calendar. If an event is further then 4 weeks away, upload it 3 weeks before the event.

  4. Add the bookable facilities (15 min)
    Set-up all your Bookable facilities. Using clear and attractive pictures for your rooms can help a lot.

  5. Create a login on your website (10 min)
    Ask your webbuilder or create a link too yourself. Your members might want to login via your space website.


Don’t worry, we are delivering pro-active support during the activation. Supporting both you as a space owner and the members. 



Getting everyone invited and involved

Your platform is set, let’s open the doors and start inviting.
Some of the things we learned that could come in handy!


1. Get the buzz going through your channels
Let key figures in the community know mr.Watson is coming and involve them in activating the platform. Announce mr.Watson in your newsletter and other communication channels a week before the invites go out.

2. Invite company owners & key members first
Invite company owners and key figures from the community. Ask them to invite their team and the neighbours they are missing. 

3. Invite people to invite others
As soon as a members invites people to the platform themselves they feel involved and invested in the activation of the platform in general. When people ask you to invite a member, show them how they can do it themselves.



Activating members

All hail the content king

Set the standard
Show members the kind of content they could share. Besides sharing updates relevant to the community, ask a few questions yourself:

“Does anyone know a good .. <designer, accountant, furniture maker>” ,
“Trying to get into <subject>, anyone any experince with that?”

Set the tone
You can set a certain tone of voice. Don’t make it to formal, you don’t need to start a message with ‘dear tenants’, but do adres the members as a group.

Teach a man how to fish..
Are you picking up updates, news, events or questions among members. Don’t communicate it yourself, put your efforts in stimulating them to share it. Show the way and you can lean back later on!

Respond & participate

Respond and respond fast!
When members post a message, especially questions related to the space, respond and respond fast.

Getting a response on a message greatly increases the chance a member will continue posting. The faster you respond the higher the chance.

Faces & companies

Face to face
When people see each others faces online the chances that they interact more o en offline increase. Stimulate those who don’t have a profile picture yet to do so. 
We will send automated reminders as well

Faces are more important than logo’s, still knowing what the people and companies around you do helps members connecting them to their network and doing business together. Invite team leaders to add their company page and stimulate their team to connect by adding a job.

By investing just 2 hours a week the first 2 months, you will be able to activate your community!