You never work alone.

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A happy team is worth gold.

Having fun at work.

80% of the employees who are enjoying their work are more loyal to their company. Fun and having a laugh is important! The relationship you’ve got with your coworkers is relevant for your personal feeling, productivity and satisfaction at work. Making the time you share with your coworkers unforgettable with our private social network!

More than 30 hours a week.

91% of us is spending more than 30 hours a week with their coworkers. (wow!) Let’s make this time worth it, by increasing the fun that we have together. A laugh every 15 minutes is great and improves your productivity, health and stay at your company. Lets have an awesome time together and let our private social network be a part of it!

Sharing the moments with our coworkers.

81% of us feels more valued when the team recognizes their personal milestones. But this isn’t it: 77% of us feels more engaged with the company when our coworkers celebrate the milestones with us! Share your moments and congratulate others with theirs via our private social network.