January 2016

Building a Coworking Community: Membership & fulfillment of needs

Creative business people in coworking office


Coworking spaces can be a great way to broaden networks. Yet not all coworking spaces put as much effort and focus into building a community around their space as they would like to. The coworking spaces that are building a community know how valuable it can be. But it’s still a challenge to build a proper community. mr.Watson helps to solve this problem and allows you to easily create a coworking community. We built a platform for spaces to strengthen the network, and we have gathered a lot of knowledge while building it.

In the next few months we will publish a serie of articles around our findings, ideas and questions from the world of coworking spaces. With over 2.5 years experience in the field of creating better communities, and over 3000 members within these communities, we are happy to share what we have learned so far. Starting with the information we found asking ourselves what a community is an when people feel a part of a communityContinue Reading…

Trends in coworking

is based on three big pillars, that are:
1. The Community
The community is the heart of every coworking space. People are more important than the concrete or stones they are surrounded with.Continue Reading…

How to build a community?

The basis of our product, the heart of the company. But how does community building work? Based on own experiences, activating multiple platforms and the scientific research based on the Sense of Community we come to six pillars to build a strong and powerful community.

+ Membership
Within the Sense of Community theory (Chavis & McMillan, 1986) membership is one of the pillars. We learned that creating boundaries, disclosing the network as a whole and giving people the opportunity to register as a ‘member’ has a positive effect on the sense of community. Having common symbols can add to this feeling as well. But it all start with the opportunity to call yourself a member.Continue Reading…