The digital coffee corner
for your space

Where you get connected with the people and businesses around you, find everything your space has to offer and organise your stay as easy as getting your coffee. All in one place.


mr.Watson structures, interacts and unburdens us of our holy task of building out a vibrant community.

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Everything you need in one place

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We ❤ Community.

Meet, connect and interact with the people and businesses around you. Build a bond of trust with the likeminded entrepreneurs that you are surrounded with and let the community help you to build an even more successful business.

Because we know that your community can help you

+ Generate new business
through the network of entrepeneurs around you

+ Get inspired
by the stories and atmosphere in your building

+ Increase employee satisfaction
by embedding them into the community

+ Get access to extra knowledge and skills
locked in your community


The coffee machine effect

It is like getting a cup of coffee, something practical you simply need to do.
At the coffee machine you bumb into a coworker that could lead to
new knowledge, new business, new network, inspiration or a new friend.

mr.Watson is the digital coffee corner of your building, 
one app bringing all practical applications together 
on a social platform that is build on community.


Coworking Stories

We visit and get in touch with a lot of coworking space, more and more of them using mr.Watson. But whatever they do, or whatever the size, we are almost always amazed by the stories we hear. Clever solutions, inspiring event concepts, fantastic interior design and new ways of creating a great workplace. We also like to get a bit deeper into the theory of building community and the development of the coworking market. We decided to bundle these insights and stories in our Coworking Stories Blog, that we share here and on Medium. Have a look!